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3rd album "Port Stories" i-tunes、Google play music、LINE MUSICでも♪

on itunes、Google play music /3rd Feb. 2016

Kenichi Fujiwara(alto sax),Etsuko Mader(piano),Tyler Williams(bass),Mike Mechem(drums)

Port Stories/Kenichi Fujiwara 01. Line For Lyons    by medium reed and soft breath 02. Bewitched       by thin reed and soft breath 03. Waltz New      by medium reed and strong breath 04. Port stories 05. When I Fall in Love    by thick reed and soft breath 06. Blues For Desmond 07. Don't Know why 08. Love Theme from Spartacus 09. Pale Moon

micophone :vintage Neumann mouthpiece :MC gregory modelA 4A18 reed :RICO reserve classic 2.5~3 ligature :bullseye

(CDジャーナル)2015 ワン・ホーン・カルテットでラスベガスで録音した藤原健壱の第3作。リー・コニッツやウエストコースト・ジャズから影響を受けた彼が、よくスウィングするシンプルかつ味わいのある演奏をくり広げる。自作曲は3曲。リゾートに吹く乾いた風のような演奏が心地よい。

His 3rd album has been recorded in Las Vegas. He when young was influenced by West coast jazz style player - Lee Konitz and other. He plays really cool and impressive. We feel their sound soothing like wind in resort. /CD Journal



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